Youth and Family Unit

We work to ensure that all children are safe in their own homes and when they are unsafe, we work with the family to identify ways to keep the child safe in their home.  When safety cannot be assured, children are provided safe and loving foster or adoptive homes.

We protect children who have been abused or neglected.  Our role is to assure that a child’s basic needs are met and to assure that they are free from physical, sexual or emotional abuse.  An access worker is available to receive reports of abuse or neglect 24-hours per day, 7 days per week.Youth and Family Unit FAQ

CST is a voluntary wraparound program to help families with multiple needs remain together in the community and to access services to meet their full potential.  The CST approach to case management is community based, family oriented, teaming approach that allows the parent to be in control.  If interested, please call (608) 930-9801 and ask to speak with the Youth and Family Unit access worker.

Services can be provided for uncontrollable juveniles, truancy, parenting assistance and step-parent adoptions.

Iowa County Department of Social Services recruits, licenses and trains potential foster homes.
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Case management services assist, empower and build upon strengths of youth and families facing juvenile delinquency challenges.  Our goal is to protect the community, hold juveniles accountable for law violations and build juvenile offenders strengths to help them live responsibly, productively, and achieve positive outcomes.

This program was designed for first offense underage possession/consumption of alcohol citations.  The offender is allowed a one-time opportunity to avoid the driver’s license suspension and fine.  If you receive a citation, you will be given an opportunity, prior to appearing before the Judge, to receive information regarding available programs and will be provided with enrollment forms if interested in participating in the program.

Upon conviction, the Judge will impose but stay the driver’s license suspension for thirty (30) days to provide an opportunity to enroll in the approved course.  Failure to complete the enrollment within thirty days or to complete the course successfully when scheduled will result in a Court ordered 90-day suspension of your driver’s license.

Questions regarding the Underage Alcohol Program should be directed to Elizabeth Platt at (608) 930-9816 or

Teen Court is an alternative opportunity for first time offenders who have received citations or juvenile criminal charges that are referred to the program by law enforcement, schools, the Court, or Juvenile Intake.  The youth admits guilt to the incident and agrees to participate in the Teen Court process in which the attorneys, clerk, bailiff, and jury are peers that have already gone through the process.  The Judge of the proceedings is an adult volunteer.  At the conclusion of the process, the youth is given a sentence from the jury, which requires a minimum of three jury terms, ten hours of community service and a typed paper or detailed poster.  The youth that do not complete the requirements of their sentence are referred back to the appropriate system where they may face additional penalties.

Contact Cynthia Foreman, Family and Community Specialist/Teen Court Coordinator with questions at (608) 341-8270 or

Adults on a Deferred Prosecution Agreement can be referred by the District Attorney’s Office to this program.  Compliance with the Agreement is monitored.  Offenders can be linked with community organizations to fulfil their community services obligations.

Contact Cynthia Foreman, Family and Community Specialist/Teen Court Coordinator with questions at (608) 341-8720 or

The Children’s Long-Term Support Waiver Program, or CLTS, was created to provide an alternative to institutional care for children who have significant impairment and needs in the areas of mental health, physical disabilities and developmental disabilities.  Social Services provides the waivers programs for county residents in the mental health and physical disability target groups under the waiver mandate.  Unified Community Services provides this service for county residents in the developmental disability target group.

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