Foster Care


What is Foster Care?   


Foster care is temporary family care when a child is unable to stay at home or with his or her parents.  The ultimate goal of the Agency and the foster parents is to reunify a child with their birth parents or relatives.   


If you are interested in learning more about becoming a foster parent in Iowa County, please contact the Foster Care Coordinator at (608)930-9801. Click here for a brochure on Foster Care



Is Foster Care a Good Fit for Me?    


- Do you have enough space in your home for the child to have a bed of his or her own (not in a common living space)?

- Are the members of your household in good health?

- Does your income meet the basic needs of your own family?

- Are you willing and able to make adjustments in your life and your home to meet the specific needs of a child place in your home?

- Do you have the ability to accept a child where he or she is at mentally, physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually?

- Are you able to maintain a positive attitude toward a child’s parents and work cooperatively with them?

- Are you willing and able to take a child to counseling appointments, doctor’s visits, court hearings, and other activities?

- Are you comfortable with the fact that a child placed in your home may eventually return to his or her own home?   



Other Ways to Help Children in Foster Care    


- Become a Certified Respite Provider to offer foster parents a break from their responsibilities.  To learn more about becoming a Certified Respite Provider, please contact the Foster Care Coordinator at (608)930-9801. Click here for a brochure on Respite Care

- Help recruit people you believe would make great foster parents!  Please refer friends and family to our website, Facebook Page, or call (608)930-9801 for more information.   

- Consider having your business become a “Foster Friendly Business.”  Offering discounts to foster families is a fantastic way to show support!  If your business is already “Foster Friendly,” please share this information with the Foster Care Coordinator, so all foster families can be made aware.   

- Plan a service project for your group that benefits children in foster care, such as collecting donated items (i.e.: school supplies, care packages, baby items, etc.).   

- Help provide Christmas gifts for children in foster care by participating in the Iowa County Holiday Project.  To learn more about donating for the Holiday Project, please call (608)930-9801.   

To learn more about foster care and adoption, please visit:     Coalition for Children, Youth & Families -

Click here for Foster Parent Inquiry Form 





     Foster Care Licensing       

    Certification Level    

    Level I    

    Level II    

    Correlation to Current System    

    Child-Specific Homes    

    Current DCF 56 Foster Care, including child-specific licenses    

    Eligible for kinship care    

    Payment during licensure    

    Only relatives who meet current kinship care eligibility during licensing process    

    Base Foster Care Licensing Code    

     * Must meet 56.01-56.12     

     * Relatives may be granted Non-Safety Related Waivers     

    Basic Foster Care Maintenance Rate    

    $238 payment    

    Age-related payments    

    Supplemental or Exceptional Payments    

    Does not quality    

    Qualifies given a child’s specific needs    

    Clothing Allowance    

    Qualifies if the child meets the criteria    




      Certification Level        

    Certification Level    

     Level I     

     Level II     


     *  None     

     *  3 positive references from non-related individuals     

    Training Requirements    

     *   Preplacement training within 6 months of licensure     

     *  Preplacement prior to placement of a child or within 6 months of licensure     

     *  30 hours foundation training within initial licensure period     

     *  10 hours ongoing training in each 12-month period of licensure subsequent to initial licensure period     



General Information
Phone Numbers
(608) 930-9801
Fax: (608) 471-1081
Emergencies: Dial 911
303 W. Chapel St.
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8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Monday - Friday