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General Questions
Where can I get a temporary tag?

Please see the list of DMV Service Centers by clicking here.

I was told by a law enforcement officer that I need to do a self accident report form and that I could find the link on their website.

The link is: http://www.dot.wisconsin.gov/drivers/forms/mv4002.pdf

I have a friend in jail, what do you accept for bond?

We accept cash or credit card only.

I need a copy of a report that has been filed with the Iowa County Sheriff's Department, how do I get that report?

You need to fill out an Open Record Request Form. You can pick this form up at the Iowa County Sheriff's Department or click on this link .

I have information on drugs that are being sold, how do I report this?

You can call the Iowa County at (608) 930-9500 Ext. 1 with any information that you may have. You may remain anonymous.

I have information about a crime that has taken place, who do I call with this information?

You can call the Iowa County at (608) 930-9500 Ext. 1 and this information will be forwarded to respective agencies.

What are the current travel conditions in the State of WI?

By simply calling 511 or accessing www.511wi.gov you can get up to date travel information.

As I am traveling I notice a crash what should I do?

With today’s methods of communication it is not uncommon for persons that are passing by a recent crash to call 911. That is a great first step, however by just driving by and calling in our 911 dispatcher is getting very limited information. If it can be done safely a person who witnesses a crash should try to find out if there are injuries if so how many and be ready to give an overall view of who, what, why and most importantly where this event is located. Be extremely careful when doing this.