Emergency Management

Thank you for visiting the Iowa County Emergency Management Website. Our intent is to make our site a resource for the Citizens and Public Safety Personnel of Iowa County for all things related to emergency and disaster Planning, Response, Recovery, Preparedness and Mitigation.

Mission Statement:

Iowa County Emergency Management coordinates disaster response and recovery efforts in support of the county and local governments.  Through planning, training and exercising we prepare response agencies, volunteer organizations, the private sector and citizens to respond to and recover from disasters.

What does Emergency Management do during disaster?

We manage resources for large emergencies or disaster events within Iowa County by obtaining resources requested by incident commanders for the response to those events. We coordinate recovery and mitigation activities following disasters.

What does Emergency Management do when there are no disaster related needs?

Planning, preparedness and mitigation are the focus in non-disaster times. We work with businesses, organizations and government agencies to develop emergency plans and response strategies. We develop and facilitate training drills and exercises to test those plans.  We also spend time giving presentations or sponsoring special training/presentations on various subjects related to emergency and disaster event needs.


General Information
Phone Numbers
Fax: (608) 471-1067
Emergencies: Dial 911
109 E. Leffler St.