Project List

Iowa County may have money available through DATCP to help with projects related to soil and water erosion.

Best Management Practices that are cost shared are:

- Water System
- Stream Bank and Shoreline Protection
- Livestock Fencing
- Filter Strip
- Roof Runoff System
- Well Decommission
- Manure Storage Abandonment
- Access Road or Cattle Crossing
- Critical Area Stabilization
- Diversion
- Heavy Use Area Protection
- Underground Outlet
- Livestock Watering Facility
- Milking Center Waste Control System
- Sediment Basin
- Subsurface Drain
- Water and Sediment Control Basin
- Animal Trails or Walkways
- Relocation or Abandoning Animal Feeding Operations
- Nutrient Management Planning at $8.00/acre

The Iowa County Land Conservation Department has been successful in obtaining a DATCP Land and Water Resource Management Grant (LWRM). The money will be used to cost share conservation practices with rural landowners to help improve the water and soil of Iowa County. The goal of the LWRM grant is to reduce sediment and phosphorous entering our streams and protection of our precious ground water aquifer. To find out if your project qualifies for a 70% cost share opportunity, contact the Iowa County Land Conservation Department today!

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