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Yield Monitoring

Josh Bendorf, Precision Ag, Conservation Specialist with Pheasants Forever/Quail Forever talks with Farmer, Tom Strutt, about the benefits he's found using a yield monitoring system. 

Precision Decisions: Refining Farm Profitability on Cropland

Farm fields are not created equal. Variations in soil, slope, depth, moisture, and shade mean some areas of a field may actually be losing you money year after year.

Join us to learn how farms of all sizes and budgets can use their farm-specific information to identify areas where management changes or voluntary conservation programs can improve efficiency and profitability. Local farmers and experts from UW-Madison Extension and Pheasants Forever will discuss and answer questions about:

• How variations in soils affect your crops

• Using yield and profit maps to identify underperforming areas

• Choosing alternatives that fit your operation and goals

• How to get started, including technology and equipment options

• Resources and programs that can help


Brought to you by the UW-Madison Division of Extension, UW-Madison Nutrient and Pest Management Program, Pheasants Forever, and County Conservation Departments of Iowa, Grant, Green, and Lafayette Counties.

Leasing Your Land Webinar 

Soil is one of the most important assets of land, but it’s not always obvious how to work with an operator to protect it. In this series, presenters will start at the beginning to help you better understand your soil, conservation practices, and how to develop a good lease. You’ll also receive a lease template and resources so you can keep learning!

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