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This site has resources for people appearing in Iowa County Family Court cases. You will find links to other sites organized together on the Links Page.

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- Prevent future misunderstandings;
- Save you time and money by making sure things are done right the first time.

The Family Court Commissioner is part of the judicial branch. The mission of this office is to promote the stability and best interest of marriage and the family. This is the mandate of the Wisconsin Family Code, Chapter 767 and is a task that is basic to the health and well-being of our entire society. A number of assumptions about what actually is in the best interests of a marriage or a family are incorporated into the Wisconsin statutes such as:

- Either spouse should be able to end a marriage without having to prove any particular reason.
- Children have a right to a meaningful and appropriate relationship with both of their parents.
- Parents have a duty to financially support their children.
- Parties should try to resolve their family problems between themselves before a court should decide.

The Family Court Commissioner serves as Director of Family Court Counseling Services in Iowa County, which includes the handling of referrals to mediation for parents involved in disputes regarding custody or physical placement of minor children.

In addition, the Family Court Commissioner conducts temporary hearings in divorce matters. The Family Court Commissioner has authority to make orders in the divorce on a temporary basis. The word 'temporary,' as it is used here, means until there is a final order of the court. The 'Temporary Order' may include the following: custody of the children, who shall be awarded the parties' assets (for example the residence and any vehicles owned by the parties), how much child support shall be paid and by whom, who shall pay the debts and obligations of the parties, and whether any additional support/maintenance shall be paid to either party.


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