Parenting Classes and Income Tax Information

Parenting Classes

Iowa County no longer has any face-to-face parenting classes.  The links that follow are two parenting classes that are available on the Internet.  These classes meet the requirements of the Iowa County Circuit Court local court rule concerning completion of family court proceedings upon verification of participation in a parenting class. Please contact the family court commissioner's office If you are unable to complete an Internet parenting class or if you need a parenting class in Spanish.

The Internet parenting classes are as follows:

1.  Children in Between

2. Co-Parenting Into the Future

Child Dependency Exemption and Child Tax Credits 

Review your judgment or court order before you prepare and file your income tax return and make sure you keep a copy with your income tax records. The judgment or order may include language which your tax preparer/accountant should review in order to file your returns correctly. Also, be sure to discuss these matters fully with your income tax preparer/accountant. The Internal Revenue Service and the Wisconsin Department of Revenue have rules and regulations which govern these matters and both taxing agencies have the ability to determine immediately upon filing if two individuals attempt to claim the same child for dependency purposes.  Failure to comply with the terms of your judgment or order may lead to contempt proceedings in the circuit court. Also, a party may be required to file amended income tax returns. Please keep in mind that representatives of the Child Support Office, the Clerk of Court and her deputies, and the Family Court Commissioner cannot advise you on these matters as they do not prepare income tax returns nor do they give legal or tax advice to individuals involved in family court proceedings.

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