Pro Se Divorce

A.  Moving On: A Guide to Pro Se Divorce 

Today, half of all marriages end in divorce.  Some people who find themselves facing this difficult and potentially painful process cannot afford to hire an attorney.  Others do not want to pay an attorney.  For these pro se litigants, navigating the divorce process can be overwhelming.

The Dane County Bar Association has recently produced three videos designed to provide pro se litigants with an overview of the divorce process.  The videos also offer guidance about when proceeding without an attorney may not be advisable.

Video One – Moving On:  A Guide to Pro Se Divorce

Video Two – Moving On:  Your Divorce Trial

Video Three – Moving On:  Custody & Placement

 B.  Free Online Pro Se Divorce Forms 

Please click on "  Forms and Instructions  " for links to two resources for free online forms.  Other options for obtaining forms are located in the "  Links to Resources  " section of this website.  Paper forms for beginning a divorce may be available at the Iowa County Clerk of Circuit Court’s office located in the Iowa County Courthouse.

 C.  Documents Needed for Pro Se Divorce Proceedings 

After the divorce petition is filed and both parties are proceeding without an attorney representing them, (and the 120 day waiting period is over), the following documents are needed:

  •  Form No. FA-4139  - Financial Disclosure Statement  for both parties. Each party must also include tax returns as filed for the last year and this year’s earnings record to date.

  •  Form FA-4150 or 4151  - Marital Settlement Agreement.  This is to be completed by parties.   Both parties must sign this.  Bring the original and 3 copies to the hearing.   If there are minor children involved, the Child Support Investigator must review the document   and sign it prior to the hearing.

  •  Form FA-4160 or 4161 - Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Judgment  .  This is to be completed by parties and brought to the final hearing.  Bring the original and 3 copies to the hearing.

  •  Vital Statistics form  .  Obtain from the clerk.  This is to be filled out on the final hearing date and given to the judge.

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