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The next Land Conservation Committee meeting will be November 3rd at 6:30 pm in the Land Conservation conference room.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: All Compliance Standards must be met by December 31st, 2015 to continue to participate in the Farmland Preservation Program. Please call 608-935-2791 x3 with questions.


YOUR INPUT IS IMPORTANT TO US!  Many of the grant funds that come into Iowa County to fund conservation projects and protect our environment are based on the county’s greatest resource concerns.  Could you please take a few minutes to fill out the survey below and return it to or 138 S. Iowa St. Suite 3 Dodgeville, WI 53533.  Be assured your input will make a difference.




Mission Statement

Provide administrative information and technical assistance to Iowa County rural landowners in the stewardship of their soil and water resources, through the cooperation of the Natural Resources Conservation Service and under the direction of the Iowa County Land Conservation Committee.


The Iowa County Land Conservation Department is a subdivision of county government established under chapter 92, Wisconsin statutes. The department works under the direction of the Land Conservation Committee and coordinates natural resource management and environmental enhancement activities within county boundaries and administers a variety of county, state, and federal initiatives. It cooperates with and furnishes financial, technical and planning assistance to agencies, units of government, organizations and individuals.  Also, works in partnership with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service and the Farm Service Agency.


The Department places particular emphasis on soil conservation, water quality improvement, groundwater protection, flood control, nonpoint water pollution abatement, erosion control, wildlife habitat improvement, farmland preservation and animal waste management, and strives to promote the awareness of natural resources and their value to   the citizens of Iowa County. It administers cost-share programs that provide funds to landowners who install conservation or best management practices. Individual staff assistance is provided to landowners and operators in the development of conservation plans and the survey, design, and layout of conservation practices. The Department administers a variety of programs such as the Well Abandonment Cost-share Program, Animal Waste Storage Facility Ordinance and Design Cost-share Program, Farmland Preservation Program, Yellowstone Targeted Runoff Management Project, Land and Water Resource Management Cost Share Program, Wildlife Damage Claim and Abatement Program, Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) and other opportunities and services designed to enhance the natural environment here in Iowa County.


2010 LCD Annual Report

2011 LCD Annual Report

2012 LCD Annual Report

2013 LCD Annual Report

2014 LCD Annual Report

Land and Water Resource Management Plan

Fall 2011 Green Sheet Newsletter

LCD Profile Summary



Service List

The Iowa County Land Conservation Department offers technical assistance for many programs including crop rotation, contour strip cropping, crop residue management,  nutrient management programs, cost sharing for conservation practices, and  the Farm Land Preservation Program/Working Lands Initiative.


Nutrient Management Program

The nutrient management program is available to landowners who want to manage the amount of nutrients that are being spread on fields in order to conserve the soil quality.  A nutrient management plan (NMP) is necessary for landowners who mechanically apply manure or chemicals to fields while receiving the FPP/WLI tax credit. A nutrient management plan can be developed by a professional, or by taking classes through Iowa County UW-Extension to develop your own. Cost-share funds may be available to assist with the development of a nutrient management plan.


DATCP Nutrient Management-General Info:


Nutrient Management Software:


Manure Application Maps:


NMP Checklist:


IA County Animal & Waste Storage & Nutrient Utilization Ordinance:

Waste Storage - Nutrient Utilization Ordinance.pdf




FPP/WLI Program

The WLI/FPP program is designed for eligible farmers in Wisconsin to receive an income tax credit in exchange for keeping land in agricultural use and by complying with state soil and water conservation practices.


WLI/FPP Program:


FPP Tax Credit Information:


Accepting Agriculture Enterprise Area Petitions for 2012

Now Accepting Agricultural Enterprise Area Petitions for 2012.pdf




Wildlife Damage Abatement & Claims Program

The Wildlife Damage Abatement & Claims Program is a service to farmers who incur agricultural damage to crops by wildlife including bear, deer, geese, and turkey.  The WDNR provides assistance in damage prevention and compensation for agricultural damage.  This program is funded by the WDNR and administered by the County and USDA-Animal and Plant Health Inspections Services (APHIS).





LWRM Cost Share Opportunities

The Iowa County Land Conservation Department  has been successful in obtaining a DATCP Land and Water Resource Management Grant (LWRM).  The money will be used to cost share conservation practices with rural landowners to help improve the water and soil of Iowa County.  The goal of the LWRM grant is to reduce sediment and phosphorous entering our streams. To find out if your project qualifies for a 70% cost share opportunity, contact the Iowa County Land Conservation Department today!  See the Projects List page for a full list of projects that the county  may be able to help with.



Contractor Lists

The LCD maintains a list of contractors in the Iowa County area that provide services to landowners.

Contractors of IA County

Engineer List

Prescribed Burn Contractors

Contractors Who Remove Invasive Species

Contractors Who Conduct Native Grass Plantings

NMP Planners

Erosion Control Products

Threatened and Endangered Species



Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP)

CREP is a voluntary program that allows landowners to enroll agricultural lands into conservation practices. If you sign up for CREP with FSA, you will be eligible to sign up for an additional state incentive payment by signing a contract with the County.


CREP Details:


Southwest Tech:

Southwest Tech




Project List

Iowa County may have money available through DATCP to help with projects related to soil and water erosion.


Best Management Practices that are cost shared are:

- Water System
- Stream Bank and Shoreline Protection
- Livestock Fencing
- Filter Strip
- Roof Runoff System
- Well Decommission
- Manure Storage Abandonment
- Access Road or Cattle Crossing
- Critical Area Stabilization
- Diversion
- Heavy Use Area Protection
- Underground Outlet
- Livestock Watering Facility
- Milking Center Waste Control System
- Sediment Basin
- Subsurface Drain
- Water and Sediment Control Basin
- Animal Trails or Walkways
- Relocation or Abandoning Animal Feeding Operations
- Nutrient Management Planning at $8.00/acre


The Iowa County Land Conservation Department has been successful in obtaining a DATCP Land and Water Resource Management Grant (LWRM). The money will be used to cost share conservation practices with rural landowners to help improve the water and soil of Iowa County. The goal of the LWRM grant is to reduce sediment and phosphorous entering our streams and protection of our precious ground water aquifer. To find out if your project qualifies for a 70% cost share opportunity, contact the Iowa County Land Conservation Department today!




Employee List

The Iowa County Land Conservation Department is a  small department with four employees.  Even though the department is small, these four people bring a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience to the County. If you get the opportunity to work with any of these individuals, you will be quite pleased with the professionalism that they display.


Jim McCaulley—County Conservationist

As the County Conservationist, I’m responsible for the administration of the Iowa County Land Conservation Department (LCD), which includes the statutory responsibility assigned to each County under State Statues Chapter 92 and the legislative direction set by Iowa County, too. Working under the direction of the Iowa County Land Conservation Committee (LCC), the mission is to assist our County landowners in the protection of our soil and water resources. Staff and program management along with interagency cooperation, funding administration, program management and customer service is the primary focus of this position. My background in farming and a life long love of Iowa County has helped me guide my service to you.

Rob Hemling—Land Conservationist/Engineer Technician

As the Iowa County Land Conservationist/Engineer Technician, my responsibilities include contour layout, waterway layout, soil loss determination, conservation plan development and status reviews. I also provide conservation planning assistance to landowners who are in the Wisconsin Farmland Preservation Program/Working Lands Initiative.  I assist landowners with technical guidance and engineering designs for projects that are cost-shared using LWRM grant money and are administered by the county.  I look forward to working with Iowa County residents.

Leonard Olson—Conservation Planner/Land Conservationist

As the Conservation Planner/Land Conservationist, my primary duties are working with land users in the Working Land Initiative (WLI)/Wisconsin Farmland Preservation Program (FPP), NR151, and USDA programs. I carry out spot-check and monitor compliance for the WLI/FPP and NR151. I also assist in education of the requirements of conservation planning and nutrient management. I am a lifelong Iowa County resident and have worked with soil and water conservation programs on the County and State level for over 26 years. I look forward to serving Iowa County land owners and operators.

Shannon Marr—Department Assistant

I am the Department Assistant for the LCD. My primary duties include assisting the County Conservationist, Land Conservationist, and Engineer Technician with administrative tasks. Some primary tasks that I assist with are contracts for cost-sharing projects, CREP contracts, maintaining a database list of the FPP/WLI participants, updating landowner GIS maps for conservation practices, file maintenance and answering and directing phone calls. Sometimes you might even see me out in the field assisting the County Conservationist, Land Conservationist, or Engineer Technician with projects.




Related Links

The Land Conservation Department works with several affiliated partners to provide services to farmers and landowners of Iowa County.


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United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

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Southwest Badger Resource, Conservation & Development Council

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LCC Board

The Iowa County Land Conservation Committee (LCC) is the governing body of the LCD under the establishment of State Statues Chapter 92 in 1972. The LCC sets the direction for the LCD in the delivery of conservation programs in the protection of our precious soil and water resources in Iowa County. The composition of the LCC is diverse group with a wide base of landowner interests represented in policy setting and program delivery. This diversity is accomplished with appointment of 5 member County Supervisors, an at Large Member and USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) conduit member. The LCC members take their roles seriously and hope today’s actions will preserve productive soil and keep water clean for future generations.


Thank you to them for their service to Iowa County.




Land Conservation Committee Members

Bob Bunker—Chairman

Dan Nankee—Vice Chairman

Carol Anderson—Secretary

Ron Benish—County Supervisor

Greg Parman—County Supervisor

Roger Dax—FSA Member

Dave Ladd—Member at Large




8 a.m - 4:30 p.m.

Monday - Friday


138 S. Iowa Street (HWY 23)

Dodgeville, WI 53533

Across the street from the Dodgeville Public Library & Kwik Trip in the USDA building.

Phone: 608-935-2791 Ext. 3


Shannon Marr - Assistant

138 S. Iowa St.

Dodgeville, WI 53533-1543

(608) 935-2791 Ext 101


Jim McCaulley - County Conservationist

138 S. Iowa St.

Dodgeville, WI 53533-1543

(608) 935-2791 Ext 3


Leonard Olson - Land Conservationist

138 S. Iowa St.

Dodgeville, WI 53533-1543

(608) 935-2791 Ext 3


Rob Hemling – Land Conservationist/Engineer Technician

138 S. Iowa St. Suite 3

Dodgeville, WI 53533

(608) 935-2791 Ext 121


Conservation Affiliates

USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)

Andy Walsh-NRCS District Conservationist

Lexie Straka-NRCS Ag Engineer

Erin Holmes-Farm Bill Biologist

Marie Raboin - NRCS Soil Conservationist