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General Questions
When will I receive this year's tax bill?

The current year tax bill is mailed out mid-December by the local municipalities. (If you do not receive your current year tax bill by December 20th please contact your local municipality treasurer.)

What is the tax payment timeline?
  • Payment of the first installment of taxes or payment in full is due to the local municipality (Township, city, or village) by January 31st.
  • Payment of the second installment of taxes is due to the County Treasurer by July 31st. (Iowa County Courthouse)
  • Missing a due date for payment of taxes results in the unpaid tax amount to become delinquent and subject to interest and penalty of 1.5% per month until paid in full.
  • Delinquent property taxes are collected by the County Treasurer.
I want to pay my delinquent taxes. Do you accept payment plans?

Yes, we do. Please contact the County Treasurer’s office to set up an acceptable payment plan for delinquent taxes.

I am paying for multiple parcels. Do I need to write separate checks?

No, you do not need to write separate checks. Make sure to list parcel numbers on the check or send tax bill coupons with your payment.

What if I receive a tax bill and don't own the property?

If you receive a tax bill after you have sold the property, please contact the County Treasurer’s Office for assistance.

How do I change my billing address on my tax statement?
  • Fill out the online form (link)
  • Contact the County Treasurer’s Office (608) 935-0397
What if I don't agree with how my home is assessed?

You will need to contact your local assessor. Contact information is available on our website. (link)

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