Highway Department

Current Road Construction Projects

Seasonal Spring Load Weight Restrictions

The Iowa County Highway Department provides road and bridge maintenance and construction services to all of the State Highways (Numbered Roads) and County Highways (Alphabetically Labelled Roads) in the County. The Department provides all services along these corridors including but not limited to: litter collection; mowing; tree, brush, and vegetation management; winter snow plowing; shoulder grading; pavement marking; pavement rehabilitation; paving; pothole patching; crack-filling; signage; and other roadway related tasks.

The Department has the following management responsibilities:

  • 365 miles (741 lane miles) of county trunk highways.
  • 270 miles (411 lane miles) of state trunk highways with 5 Class I service routes.
  • Inspection and maintenance for 52 County and 98 Township bridges.
  • Oversight to the Wisconsin River Rail transit Commission.
  • Oversight to the Iowa County Airport Commission.
  • Main Office and Shop at the Dodgeville Facility.
  • Satellite Shop Facilities in Arena, Highland, Hollandale, and Mifflin.
  • County Quarry and Asphalt Plant Operation located on CTH Z in Dodgeville.
  • Other miscellaneous roadway assets and infra-structure.
  • Total Highway and Roadway Maintenance and Operations budget of $7.4M+.
  • The Department employees 42 fulltime staff, 6 summer seasonal staff, and 4 winter seasonal staff on an annual basis.


The mission of the Iowa County Highway Department is to provide a safe, cost-effective, efficient, and dependable road and bridge system to serve and promote opportunity for our citizens, clients, and customers in a responsive, environmentally, and fiscally responsible manner.


The responsibility for the proper maintenance repair, improvement, and construction of the system of roads and bridges, which we call Iowa County, Wisconsin. SAFETY first and foremost for all employees of the department and the travelling public who may venture through our work areas, secondly QUALITY perform and complete work the way we would want it completed in our own front yards, lastly PROFICIENCY if we are working safe and doing a good job the first time around productivity will follow in all we do.


The county highway department shall purchase and sell county road machinery as authorized by the county board, determine whether each piece of county aid construction shall be let by contract or shall be done by day labor, enter into contracts in the name of the county, and make necessary arrangements for the proper prosecution of the construction and maintenance of highways provided for by the county board, enter private lands with their employees to remove weeds and brush and erect or remove fences that are necessary to keep highways open for travel during the winter, direct the expenditure of highway maintenance funds received from the state or provided by county tax, provide construction of highways and perform other duties imposed by law or by the county board.

General Information
Phone Numbers
(608) 935-3381
Fax: (608) 471-1082
Emergencies: Dial 911
1215 N. Bequette St.

Winter - 7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. (Begins the first week of October)
Monday - Friday
Summer - 6 a.m. - 4 p.m. (Begins the first week of May)
Monday - Thursday