OWI Intensive Supervision

In Iowa County we provide a holistic approach to treatment which enables those committed to alter their drinking habits an opportunity to change.  Iowa County, in cooperation with ATTIC Correctional Services has many resources available to assist in altering behaviors, some of these tools include: chemical testing, day reporting, impact panels, support groups, individual treatment plans, intensive supervision and aftercare programming.  As part of OWI-ISP clients are required to complete an Intoxicated Driver’s Safety plan which helps those struggling with substance abuse an opportunity to receive clinical assessments, group treatment and individual treatment with the help of Unified Community Services.

This program is funded by The DOT in conjunction with Iowa County.  If you have any questions regarding this or other resources available for those in need of substance abuse treatment, please feel free to give me a call at 608.935.0309

“I am employed here in Iowa County with ATTIC Correctional Services.  As a team working within a restorative justice model, we have developed alternative court sanctions and sentencing options allowing offenders to serve within the community, under supervision.  Our goal is to satisfy concerns for community retribution and safety while providing opportunities for offenders to successfully avoid re- offenses (recidivism) through treatment, education and accountability.”

-Nathan P. Melanson, MS, LPC-t




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