Grant/Loan Program Options

United States Department of Agriculture – Rural Development

  1. Rural Housing
    1. Single Family Housing Direct Loans.   Income based home loan financing.
    2. Single Family Guaranteed Loan Program.   USDA will guarantee your loan, making you a great credit risk to your local bank or financing institution.
    3. Self-Help Housing Assistance Grant.   This grant helps nonprofits provide technical assistance or recruit families needing a housing construction project.  Intended to help low income or very low income individuals and families
    4. Rural Housing Site Loans.  Help applicants develop sites for low and moderate income families to build their homes.
    5. Single Family Housing Repair Loans and Grants.  Helps low income individuals pay to repair their home to remove health and safety hazards.
    6. Farm Labor Direct Loans and Grants.
    7. Housing Preservation and Revitalization Demonstration Loans and Grants.  
    8. Housing Preservation Grants.  Provides grants to sponsoring organizations for the repair or rehabilitation of housing owned or occupied by low and very low income rural citizens.
    9. Multi-Family Housing Loans.  USDA provides loans in order to finance additional affordable multi-family rental housing options for low-income, elderly, or disabled individuals and families in rural areas.
    10. Multi-Family Housing Loan Guarantees.  Funding used to increase the supply of affordable rental housing for low to moderate income individuals and families.  Multi-Family Unit owner can have their bank loan guaranteed by USDA for favorable loan rates.
  2. Community Facilities
    1. Community Facilities Direct Loans and Grants.  Provides loans and occasionally grants to help communities pay for essential community facilities in rural areas.  (Health care, fire trucks, streets, police vehicles, libraries, museums, telemedicine, food pantries and food hubs)
    2. Community Facilities Loan Guarantees.  This program guarantees a loan your community receives from a financial institution in order to build or purchase community facilities.
    3. Community Facilities Relending Program.
    4. Community Facilities Technical Assistance and Training Grant.
    5. Economic Impact Initiative Grants.  Provides funding to assist in the development of community facilities in communities with extreme unemployment or economic depression.
    6. Rural Community Development Initiative Grants.  Grants awarded to help no-profit housing and community development organizations support housing, community facilities, and economic development projects in rural areas. 

Wisconsin Department of Administration

  1. Community Development Block Grants.   These are a series of grants passed from the Federal Government to the State Government in an effort to address development of viable communities, principally for the benefit of low and moderate income people.
    1. CDBG-PFED Program.  Grants to local governments for public infrastructure projects that can be shown to support business expansion or retention.
    2. CDBG-PF Program.  Grant to help local governments support infrastructure and facility construction, improvements, repairs, or expansions.
    3. CDBG-ED Program.  Awards grant funds to local governments, who in turn offer loans to businesses or help with specialized employee training.
    4. CDBG-READI Program.  Grants given to a community development organization that intends to provide targeted economic development investment via housing creation, economic development, or job training.
  2. Housing Programs there are too many (15+) housing programs available to list on this website.   Please take some time, visit the page, and explore if any of the many options fit your needs.
  3. Fighting Homelessness in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation

  1. Community Development Programs.
    1. Site Assessment Grant.  Grants to assist communities with initial environmental assessments and demolition activities on an abandoned, idle or underutilized industrial or commercial site.
    2. Brownfield Grant.  Grants for developing commercial and industrial sites that have been adversely affected by the environmental contamination or the perception there of.
    3. Idle Sites Redevelopment Grant.  Grants for implementation of redevelopment plans for industrial or commercial sites that have been idle or abandoned for at least five years.
    4. Community Development Investment Grant.  Grants for shovel-ready projects with particular emphasis on downtown community-driven efforts and leveraged investment by local and private partners.
    5. Historic Preservation Tax Credits.
    6. Business Development Loan.  Small business financing for rural Wisconsin.
    7. Capacity Building Grants.  Grants to assist organizations to further the goals of WEDC and to advance economic development network in Wisconsin.
    8. Enterprise Zone Tax Credit.  
    9. Workforce Training Grants.
    10. Entrepreneurship Support program.   Grants between $10,000 to $100,000 to non-profits and communities for projects including the promotion of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial education, mentoring or training programs, and facilitation of business development.

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