Rights of Crime Victims

As a crime victim, or family member of a crime victim, you have a right:

  • To receive information from the investigating law enforcement agency about your rights as a crime victim.
  • To be notified of the criminal charges issued by the District Attorney’s Office, and the procedure for prosecuting those charges.
  • To information concerning CRIME VICTIM COMPENSATION and assistance in applying for it (ask a Victim/Witness Coordinator for information).
  • To request an opportunity to confer with the District Attorney about the case and possible outcomes.
  • To request that reasonable attempts be made to notify you of upcoming court proceedings.
  • To attend court proceedings in the case.
  • To a separate waiting area.
  • To have someone accompany you to court.
  • To have your employer contacted to minimize your loss of pay and benefits resulting from your attending court appearances.
  • To a speedy disposition of the case.
  • To have your interest considered when the Court is deciding to allow a delay in the case.
  • To have your property returned to you as soon as it is no longer needed as evidence.
  • In certain cases, to request an order by the judge for an offender to submit to a test for sexually transmitted diseases or HIV.
  • In certain sexual assault cases, to have the interests of the victim considered by the Court in determining whether to exclude persons from a preliminary hearing.
  • To restitution for monetary losses resulting from the crime, and to a judgment for any unpaid restitution.
  • To have reasonable efforts made after conviction to inform you of your right to make a statement to the judge at sentencing.
  • To have the person preparing the pre-sentence report make reasonable efforts to contact you.
  • To make a Victim Impact Statement to the judge at sentencing.
  • To have reasonable efforts made to notify you of the conditional release of a defendant committed as a result of being found not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect, of their discharge and home visits.
  • To request information about the outcome of a case.
  • To have reasonable efforts made to notify you of applications for parole by the offender.
  • To have input in the parole decision-making process.
  • To have reasonable efforts made to notify you when certain defendants are released or discharged, or when they escape.
  • To contact the Department of Justice about any concerns you may have about your treatment as a crime victim.

It is important  you contact the Victim/Witness Coordinator for information about how to exercise these rights.

Victim Impact Statement

Restitution Information

Request for Notification/Request to Confer with Prosecutor Form

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