Vaccine Information

Click the following link to schedule an appointment for a Moderna vaccine on 4/29/21 (second dose will be administered on 6/01/21).

Criteria: MUST be 18 years or older to receive this vaccine.

Please print and complete the attached consent form and bring it with you to your appointment

        Link for Consent Form

Please read the attached vaccine information prior to your appointment

         Link for Vaccine Information


Vaccination Location: Lands End Comer Center (1 Lands End Lane, Dodgeville, WI 53533)

Everyone in Wisconsin ages 16 and older is eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine at no cost. Although everyone is eligible to get the vaccine, vaccine providers will prioritize previously eligible groups. Based on the amount of vaccine doses available, it will take time for everyone in Wisconsin to get vaccinated.

The following provides an overview of eligible groups in priority order. 

Go to the Department of Health Services website for specific definitions and criteria of each group.

  • Frontline healthcare workers and long-term care facility residents
  • Fire and police personnel, correctional staff
  • Adults ages 65 and older
  • Educators and child care providers
  • Individuals enrolled in Medicaid long-term care programs
  • Some public-facing essential workers
  • Non-frontline health care essential personnel
  • Congregate living facility staff and residents
  • Individuals with certain medical
  • All individuals age 16 and older


The Iowa County Health Department is no longer keeping a waitlist for the COVID-19 vaccine as we are changing our scheduling process. Please call the Health Department at 608.930.9870 on April 26th for updated information about scheduling a vaccine. When we exhaust the current waitlist, you will be able to schedule your vaccine directly. Thank you so much for your patience as we work to get everyone vaccinated.


For information on other vaccinators in our area, please visit the DHS website at, or call the COVID-19 Vaccine Hotline at 844-684-1064 (toll-free) for personal assistance with vaccine-related questions.


COVID-19 Vaccine Resources 

COVID-19 Vaccine Frequently Asked Questions

Once a person has been immunized (both shots) and completed self-quarantine following both immunizations, that person is assumed to be successfully immunized.  However, while that person may be immune, could that person still be a “carrier” who could infect others?

The phase 3 clinical trials of the vaccine only have looked at the benefit of the vaccine in preventing illness (mild, moderate and severe). They were not designed to provide information on transmission of SARS-CoV-2. Therefore, we do not know whether a vaccinated individual may still have the ability to transmit this virus.

– Jonathan L. Temte, MD/PhD, associate dean for Public Health and Community Engagement, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

After I get the vaccine, do I still need to wear a mask and social distance?

The vaccine is extra protection, like a super mask, but it is not perfect. Even in very controlled trials, 90-95% of people getting the vaccine were protected from developing COVID-19, so 5-10% still got sick. And out in the world under less perfect conditions, the number of people still getting sick with COVID-19 even with a vaccine could be higher. So yes, after you get vaccinated, you still need to wear a mask, socially distance, and get tested if you think you have symptoms.

This is especially true if you have only gotten one dose of the 2-dose series. At the current moment, there is not enough data to say that one dose will protect you as effectively as 2 doses. You must get the second dose to complete the series for maximum protection.

– Devlin Cole, preventive medicine resident, UW–Madison Department of Population Health Sciences, as reported in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.From UW COVID Questions