Veteran's Service FAQ
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How do I get into VA healthcare?

If a veteran does not have a service connected disability rating or another situation to establish eligibility (such as recent service in combat, in county Vietnam service, residence at Camp Lejeune between 1 Aug 1953 and 31 Dec 1987), VA health care eligibility is based upon household income. The income limits are different for each county of residence and change yearly.

How do I get hearing aids from the VA?

Hearing aids may be available from the VA under certain conditions. The veteran wanting hearing aids must be an active participant in VA healthcare. “Active participant” is defined by the VA as a current VA healthcare client that has been seen by the VA within the last 24 months. The veteran’s hearing problems must present problems for the veteran’s understanding of the directions of his or her treating clinician.

Various businesses offer a veteran’s discount, how do I get a veteran ID card?

There are a couple options available to secure a veteran ID. One option is through the federal VA. This option is on-line only; follow this link to start the process.  The state of Wisconsin offers a “Veteran Identifier” on state issued drivers licenses and ID cards. Your Veteran Service Office has forms available to take to the DMV office with you to have “Veteran” indicated on the face of the identification.

What is the “eligible veterans and surviving spouse property tax credit” I see on the State of Wisconsin income tax forms?

This is a benefit available to 100% service connected veterans or veterans that are being compensated at the 100% rate due to individual unemployability. Surviving spouses that are receiving dependent’s indemnity compensation (DIC) are also eligible to receive this reimbursement benefit from the State of Wisconsin. Eligible individuals are able to receive reimbursement of their paid property taxes from the Department of Revenue. The veterans service office is able to assist in securing the eligibility letter from Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs for any eligible veteran or surviving spouse.