Pay Taxes

We offer multiple ways to pay taxes:

1. By Phone at:  1 (888) 891-6064, Select option 1  . Hours: Mon - Fri  8 a.m.-10 p.m. EST. You will need your parcel number(s) (i.e. 216 0049.A) and the amount owed.

For customer service and to speak to a representative - call   1 (888) 891-6064, Select option 2 

2. Online: Through the Point and Pay link below. You will need your parcel number(s) from your tax bill(s) and the amount owed.


Credit Card/Mastercard Debit Card   - 2.39% of the total payment - i.e. ($1,000.00 x 2.39% = $23.90)

Visa Debit Card - Flat fee of $3.95

E-Check - Flat fee of $1.50* -  up to  $10,000.00. Flat fee of $10.00 - anything  over  $10,000.00

Please read:

Current year taxes   cannot       be paid through the payment website from  December through February 20th of each year. 

You   must   pay your 1st installment to your  LOCAL treasurer through January 31st of each year. 

This website is for payments to   Iowa County only  . (2nd Installments or delinquent taxes) 

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