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2018 Iowa County Library Plan

At their August 21st County Board Meeting, the County Supervisors approved a new Iowa County Library Plan.  

2018 Broadband

In late September I had the pleasure of attending the Wisconsin Counties Association annual conference in La Crosse, WI with a few Iowa County Supervisors.  Together we took various classes geared toward major issues impacting Iowa County.  There were classes on facility security, welfare caseload increases, the future of juvenile corrections, program evaluation techniques, human trafficking, farm bankruptcies and their impact, broadband in rural areas, and many other training opportunities.

2018 State of the County Address

County Board Chair John Meyers provided the following State of the County Address at the Iowa County Board meeting on August 21, 2018.

August Flooding

Although Heavy rains in southwest Wisconsin have been causing flooding issues in other counties, Iowa County has experienced minimal damage. Blynn Road in the Town of Arena sustained damage and about 300 ft. of railroad bed was destroyed between the Village of Arena and Blynn Rd.

West Nile Virus Has Arrived


Iowa County Wheel Tax

     In November of 2014, the Iowa County Board of Supervisors adopted a $20/vehicle registration fee tax in compliance with state statute 341.35 authority.   The decision was based upon a backlog of projects requiring improvement and repairs beyond general maintenance dollars.   Cost share matching funds were available to assist with funding the projects, but the county needed a source of funds for the cost share portion.   Adoption of a vehicle registration fee was estimated to generate $430,000 on an annual basis.   This funding was to be leveraged by the highway department against other state-federal funding to complete improvements to 5 bridge projects on CTH E, HK, G, Y, and HH along with three road projects on CTH E, K, and QQ.   The estimated total costs for those projects was 6.1 million dollars.  

New Website

Well today is July 24, 2018 and today Iowa County unveiled its new County Website!