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Annual Report for 2019

2019 Staff

Scott A. Godfrey………...Planning & Development Director/Land Information Officer

                                                (Date of Hire – September, 26, 1994)

Ted D. Weier……………Sanitarian

                                                (Date of Hire – August 21, 1995)

Shaun Wood……………GIS Coordinator

                                                (Date of Hire – November 21, 2005) 


Mission of the Iowa County Office of Planning & Development

Protect:  The Office of Planning & Development commits to protecting the health, safety and general welfare of Iowa County’s citizens and to protect the county’s natural resources through the equitable enforcement and administration of land use codes and ordinances.

Plan:  The Office of Planning & Development commits to providing professional planning techniques and services, including the integration of mapping with multiple layers of data (visit the GIS website), and to assist local jurisdictions in creating, supplementing and updating comprehensive plans that outline the vision, goals and values of Iowa County’s citizens.

Educate:   The Office of Planning & Development commits to providing opportunities for the public to become aware, understanding of and involved in solutions to all land use related issues that may impact Iowa County’s physical environment and the quality of life of its citizens.

Serve:  The Office of Planning & Development commits to maintaining a focus on serving the interests of the Iowa County citizenry through continual staff development and training with the goal of increasing competency, public trust and stewardship of the public trust.

Five Year General Activity Comparisons

These are self-reported values provided by the applicant. 

These figures do not include the GIS data which are tracked separately.

These figures do not include the GIS data which are tracked separately.

Project & Program Accomplishments

Ordinance Revisions

  • The Manure Storage and Management Ordinance was completely revised and updated to current standards.  This was a collaborative effort with the Land Conservation Department and both oversight committees.
  • Revisions were made to the Zoning Ordinance relating to commercial and residential kennels and Rural Residential Rentals
  • The Airport Zoning Ordinance was revised and updated.  This was in collaboration with the Airport Commission and Highway Department.

Nonmetallic Mining

  • One new mine was proposed and the matter is yet ongoing.
  • Onsite inspections were made for each of the 27 permitted mines for the required annual reporting.  This is an opportunity for staff to work with mine operators in determining active mining acres, reclamation status and anticipated expansions.
  • There are currently 1322 acres permitted for mining in the county of which about 343 acres are actively being mined.


  • Of the 1550 private septic system maintenance notices sent for this year’s cycle, only 3 system owners were referred to court.  There are about 6,500 private systems in Iowa County.
  • Inspections were made on the installation of 55 septic systems, of which 11 were hold-overs from last year.  Due to the continued trend of very wet weather, another 6 systems could only have the tank installed to be used as a temporary holding tank until such time that the conditions are dry enough to install the field.
  • Staff presented in a regional workshop for continuing education for plumbers and soil testers.

Complaints & Violations

  • There were 81 violations investigated in 2019.  Of these, 61 or 75% have been resolved by staff assisting property owners to achieve compliance versus issuing citations. 
  • Contributing to the 2019 violations were 33 cases of structures found when reviewing the 2018 aerial photos that did not have record of permits.
  • An additional 9 violations were closed dating back to 2017.
  • There are 28 open violation cases dating back to 2016, out of a total of 346 cases during the same timeframe.  This is a 92% closure rate.


  • 3,718 edits were made to the E-911 database
  • 2,954 tax parcels were mapped (2,944 parcels mapped in 2018)
  • Updated the Highway Department’s online maps by adding in a layer for highway encroachments with the ability to attach photos
  • Created maps for the Town of Ridgeway’s comprehensive plan update
  • Updated school district boundaries for submission to the State
  • Updated the Public Land Survey System and parcel layers with 245 contracted section corner coordinates (342 corners mapped in 2018).
  • Added 7 fields to the Public Land Survey System corners including the ability to link Tie Sheets to the corners
  • Populated all 7 added fields for 3,064 section corners (556 remaining)
  • Recreated the airport zoning map and Mineral Point ETZ in a format that can be edited with our current GIS software
  • Administering 2 grants totaling $112,288 for obtaining section corner coordinates

Comprehensive Plan

  • Staff worked with the towns of Brigham, Dodgeville, Pulaski and Ridgeway in reviewing their respective comprehensive plans resulting in revisions to the Iowa County Comprehensive Plan.
  • Work also began on revising the county plan to include the City of Mineral Point extraterritorial zoning area (ETZ) as mapped Farmland Preservation Area which allows for eligibility of Farmland Preservation Program tax credits. 

Other Accomplishments

  • Ordered/processed 82 address signs
  • Reviewed 52 certified survey maps
  • Collaborated with the WDNR Water Management Specialist, WDNR Wardens, and Lower Wisconsin Riverway Executive Director on projects and violations with shared permitting jurisdictions
  • Staff participated in training on:  private septic systems; shoreland zoning; floodplain zoning, violation enforcement, airport zoning, GIS software, GIS applications, and de-escalation techniques.
  • Staff presentations:  private septic system continuing education seminar for plumbers; statewide telecommunication facility siting standards; statewide wind and solar energy systems standards
  • Staff worked with the Rural Health Coalition on preserving the WI Fund Grant Program for another 2-year State budget cycle and to fill vacant septic system plan review positions.  The coalition includes the WI Counties Association, WI Towns Association, WI County Code Administrators, WI Builders Association, WI Realtors Association, WI Onsite Water Recycling Association, WI Precast Concrete Association, WI Pump & Well Suppliers, WI Water Well Association, Responsible Recycling by Responsible Carriers, and WI Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Contractors Association.
  • Staff served as the WI County Code Administrators President, on the WCA Agriculture, Environment and Land Use Steering Committee, on the DATCP Livestock Siting Facility Siting Board, and on the PSC Wind Siting Council.
  • Development of note:
  • Badger Hollow Solar Farm – work has begun on two substations, an operations building site and roads into panel sites; anticipating up to 430 employs by summer 2020
  • 7 new telecommunication tower sites in 2019.  19 since 2015 when local control preempted by State siting standards (not including any in cities or villages)
  • xxx

Organizations and Affiliations

  • WI County Planning & Zoning Directors
  • WI County Code Administrators
  • WI Land Information Association
  • WI Land Information Officer Network
  • WI Chapter of the American Planning Association
  • WI Counties Association Agriculture, Land Use and Environment Steering Committee
  • Public Service Commission Wind Siting Council
  • WI Association of Floodplain, Stormwater and Coastal Managers
  • DATCP Livestock Facility Siting Review Board

In conclusion…

Please feel free to find out more about what we do by contacting us or stopping in.  We’re always open to questions and suggestions.

Respectfully submitted,

Scott A. Godfrey, Director

Iowa County Planning & Development

222 N. Iowa Street

Dodgeville, WI  53533