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Child Support

                                                         COURTHOUSE UPDATE

As of July 1, 2020, the Iowa County Courthouse is open for court appearances only.  The child support office is closed to the public but is open during normal business hours and you can reach us by mail or telephone. 

There is a drop box on the North side of the Courthouse on Chapel Street.  It is across from the BMO Harris Bank in the alcove by the dumpsters.  To use the drop box, make sure you use an envelope and address it to Child Support.  In addition, follow up with a phone call to the agency to alert us that you put an envelope in the drop box.  The drop box is checked 3 times per day

If you are scheduled for court, you are to call the Clerk of Court’s office at 608-935-0395 and request to be joined to your hearing OR log in via Zoom.  The information for Zoom was provided on the court hearing notice unless it stated your appearance in court is required.

Please call the agency with any questions regarding any upcoming child support hearings.


The Child Support Agency is responsible for the establishment and enforcement of child support, medical support; establishment of paternity ; location of absent parents, interstate establishment and enforcement of all the above type of actions,  and all other functions of the Child Support Program.

Custody and Placement: The Child Support Agency is not involved in issues regarding custody, placement and visitation.  Please contact the Iowa County Family Court Commissioner’s office for questions relating to placement and visitation at 608-935-2042.

The Wisconsin Support Collections Trust Fund (WI SCTF) – Customer service for information about Payments, Account Balances, and Account History Requests.

WI SCTF........ 1-800-991-5530

Sign up for free Child Support Online Services  – https://dcf.wisconsin.gov/cs/csos/login

-See balances owed

-Print payment coupons

-See all payments made during the last 60 days

-View and print a payment history for the past 90 days, year-to-date and past calendar year

Debit card information:

EPPIC – 877-253-3686


Bureau of Child Support Website

Payment Coupons

Circuit Court Forms – Family Actions

Application for Child Support Services

Direct Deposit

Debit Card

Tools used to estimate income and support amounts