About Iowa County

Iowa County, created in 1829 as a territorial county, is named after the Iowa Indians whose hunting grounds dominated the area. Iowa County is located in Southwest Wisconsin. The county has a total area of 768 square miles, of which 763 square miles is land and 5 square miles (0.70%) is water.

County Seat: Dodgeville
WCA District: Southern
Land Area: 762.7 sq. miles
Elevation: 1,222 ft. at Dodgeville 1,719 ft. at Blue Mound
Rivers: Blue, Pecatonica, Wisconsin, Yellowstone
Major Watershed: Rock River (East), Wisconsin River (North), Mississippi River (West)
Geographical Province: Western Upland
Natural Vegitation: Mostly oak savanna, with a belt of prairie bluestem and composites across the center, and into the southeast and south-central areas of the county.
Population: 1930: 20,039
1970: 19,306
1980: 19,802
1990: 20,150
2000: 22,780
2010: 23,687


General Information
Phone Numbers
Fax: 608-935-0320
Emergencies: Dial 911
222 N. Iowa St.