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Family Court FAQ

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General Questions

If you have minor children, the fee is $194.50.  If you do not, the fee is $184.50.

Wisconsin law requires a 120 day waiting period once a divorce is filed.  Once this waiting period has concluded, the court will review the case and set it for a status conference hearing, usually a few weeks later.  If all paperwork is filed and there are no remaining issues, this hearing could result in finalizing your divorce. 

A Family Court Commissioner is an attorney that is appointed by the court to conduct all pre-judgment hearings (i.e. temporary order hearings) and file pre-judgment orders in family court.

You will need to submit a Summons and Petition for Divorce, with or without children or a Joint Petition for Divorce, with or without children.  Once this is filed, and the filing fee is paid, your case is open.  You can submit paperwork, with the same case number, once the case is open.