Healthcare Equipment Loan Program (H.E.L.P.)

Healthcare Equipment Loan Program  or “H.E.L.P.


Bloomfield Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center operates a loan program for Iowa County called the Healthcare Equipment Loan Program or H.E.L.P. for short.  We provide healthcare equipment to people in need, free of charge.  This program run entirely on donated items from the public.  We have more than just walkers, wheelchairs, and beds available. Additionally, we have crutches of all sizes, reclining geri-chairs, electric scooters, canes, commodes, shower chairs and more!  If you have medical equipment needs, please let us know and spread the word that this service is available to the community! We accept donations of medical equipment as well.  Please give us a call at 608-935-3321 and we can arrange for you to pick up a loan or drop off a donation. We also accept donations of money to help keep this program free for all who need it!