Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find information about local governments?
For more information about local governments you can visit the Local Governments page.
Are there any jobs available at Iowa County?
To find out if there are any available jobs at Iowa County visit the Employment page.
How can I pay my taxes online?
To pay your taxes online go to the Treasurer's page.
Where can I find information about the concealed carry law?
You can visit the Department of Justice website for more information on concealed carry.
Where do I go to pay my ticket?
You can pay your ticket at the Clerk of Courts in the Courthouse.
Where do I get a passport?
You can get a passport at the Clerk of Courts in the Courthouse.
Where is the court room?
The court room is located on the second floor of the Courthouse.
Where can I get immunizations?
You can find the immunization schedule in the health department's documents section (Immunization Clinic).
Who should I call if I get bitten by a wild animal, bat, or pet?
Please contact the health department if bitten by an animal.
How can I become a youth mentor?
Contact Angie Beerkircher, 930-9817 to receive an information packet or description of the program.
How do I become a foster parent?
Please visit the foster care page.